Motivated and caring people are recruited to offer specialised support to our charity partner projects. This includes research assistance; the delivery of summer camps; sports; music and arts therapy, and staff training supply. The project needs are thoroughly researched, communicating with staff, children and trustees throughout the process.

Potential volunteers undergo screening, interviews and short training programmes to ensure they are ready to meet the true needs of the children they work alongside. We aim to maximise use of existing skills as well as progressing personal goals. The programme prides itself on offering a safe, supportive and honest experience with experienced UK Coordinators on site at all times, and a debriefing service upon return. 

Our programmes are fully evaluated and develop every year with volunteers, staff, local communities and children. Contact us to request our evaluation report. It is important to note that in the interest of sustainability, first-time volunteers will be expected to cover any associated costs to their programme unless hardship prevents them from doing so. Successful returners may receive grants and be promoted to leadership positions overseas on in our school programmes. 

We value every volunteer as an individual so contact us to discuss how you can get involved.